Nicole Lewis Avatar
Nicole L.
I’ve been going to Westown Vet for about a year now. They are quick with scheduling, I’ve never had an appointment run late or been kept waiting. The staff is very friendly and so great with my cats. They always give follow up phone calls to check in on the pets following the vet service. 100% recommend.
Iron Duke Avatar
Iron D.
Taking both our cats in for wellness and a not so well check the Doctors and staff were courteous, efficient, and caring. Follow up questions and needs were met quickly in the best interest of the pet. I recommend them and will continue to use their services.
Kathy Stoffel Avatar
Kathy S.
Today, we had to end the suffering of our dad's beloved dog, Benji. It was so obvious that everyone who works there is a true animal lover, and they weren't just going through the motions. That meant so much to us at such a devastating time. Thank you.
Debra Andreas Avatar
Debra A.
Dr. Gordon is so knowledgeable and so very caring- even with three things going on, figured out the problems and solutions. The techs/staff were most helpful getting a disabled dog back out to the car and showed compassion and respect when we needed to tie up an exam room for a while. Kudos to all in a very tough situation. Luckily WVC has extended hours.
Amber Ziolecki Avatar
Amber Z.
Excellent, caring vets and staff, BUT DO NOT use the GROOMER that comes in!! I’m giving the vet clinic 5 stars but I wouldn’t even give the groomer 1 star. I rescued my dog a year ago, and 6 months ago I took her to a groomer and was told that they couldn’t give her a haircut because she was way too scared and that she needed sedation. Westown is the vet I use and thought it was perfect that they have a groomer come in twice a week. That way, my dog could be sedated and be in a safe environment that I trusted.
Tina, the groomer, doesn’t like using sedation and almost scoffed at me for suggesting it. She didn’t even acknowledge my dog when we came in (no petting or talking to her), told me that I shouldn’t be bathing my dog if she has any tangles or mats (she had 2 very small tangles on the inside of her hind legs because she’s too scared of I try trimming her), didn’t believe me when I said she had never been groomed since I rescued her (she came from a hoarder’s house). She then told me that if they have to sedate her that the haircut would have no style, will be so short you can see her skin, and that it won’t look good. She was so unfriendly that I didn’t even want to leave my dog there with her. My dog is EXTREMELY friendly and social and didn’t want anything to do with Tina. She said that she would try a non-sedated haircut on my dog and then do sedation if needed, which I agreed to. BUT she worked on the haircut for 15-20 minutes until my dog was so worked up she had a SEIZURE!!!!!!!! I figured that any person with common sense would see how scared she is (like the last groomer) and not push the limits. I know my dog and the fact that she didn’t consider ANYTHING I told her makes me so angry. Westown was apologetic and I didn’t have to pay for the services. She will NEVER lay hands on my dog again. I didn’t feel good about her from my first interaction with her and should’ve listened to my gut instinct and taken my dog the hell away from her.
Kari Scott Avatar
Kari S.
I love this clinic and more importantly my animals love it. Vet techs are amazing and the vets are really caring and compassionate.
If you are in need of a vet this is the beat place to go.
Mike Blaeser Avatar
Mike B.
The Veterinarian provided excellent care for my 3 dogs. He was careful with them and made sure to treat them was if they were his own. I highly recommend this clinic.
Susanne Jensen Avatar
Susanne J.
We are new to this veterinary clinic and so very happy we chose them! We've had 2 of our 5 cats in recently and both experiences were very positive. The front office staff has been super helpful and took care of a few small issues with our account very promptly. Great job guys! We are super excited to have found Dr. Gordon! He is an Integrative Veterinarian and offers some more natural options for our cats! Thank you Dr. Gordon!
Ashley Wegner Avatar
Ashley W.
Originally got turned onto this clinic due to their dental special they were running. I was very impressed with the pre-op exam for my senior dog. The vet was thorough, and explained everything he was checking and what he was looking for. He even caught that my dog had cataracts (somewhat obvious- my usual vet had noted this but never said much) and offered me options on what I can do to slow down the process. I was able to leave with drops to help prolong Ozzy's vision, whereas my usual vet never said one thing about treatment. I read the previous reviews, and I agree. Very clean, friendly clinic that happens to be local. Glad I found them!!
Marge Martinez Avatar
Marge M.
I have been taking my dogs to Westown Clinic for several years now. I can't say enough about the care & compassion & Love provided by Dr. Vivek & his Staff. They treat each and every dog, cat, etc., like Family. I can't thank them enough for everything they do for my Dogs well being. I highly recommend Westown Clinic to anyone looking for excellent care & lots of TLC too!
Kristin McDowell Avatar
Kristin M.
This is the best place by far for veterinary services. I have always had exemplary experiences with the veterinarians and staff. They have always exhibited knowledge, problem solving, care and reassurance all while being extremely kind and compassionate to all my animals as well as myself in every instance. They are always available around the clock, even on weekends. Their pricing is so very reasonable for all the services they provide. There is no other place I will ever trust with my precious babies. Truly extraordinary!
Bonnie GC Avatar
Bonnie G.
I switched over to this clinic because of Dr. Gordan who is my rabbit vet. I can not say enough good things about him! He is very knowledgable and his care and love for animals is very apparent in his work. The front desk receptionists and vet tech were welcoming and friendly and left a very good first impression. I enjoyed that my appointment was prompt and I wasn't stuck in a waiting room for a long time.
AnnaValek . Avatar
AnnaValek ..
I can't even begin to express how pleased I am with my visit. I just adopted two wonderful although unfortunately sickly kitties, and they needed treatment for a URI, vaccinations, stitches removal, etc. Not only were they able to find me an appointment same day, it was in the later evening, after 5pm! With it being my kitties' first visit here, the cost of the appointment was nothing and it made accommodating for the cost of the antibiotics a non-issue. I already have two more appointments set. The doctor was fantastic and clearly loves her job while the warm techs/ladies up front emulated the same animal-loving attitude. Will definitely be recommending all around to my friends and family- I truly couldn't be happier and am happy to have found a vet I'll be considering my babies' primary for the foreseeable future.
Amalia Paronto Avatar
Amalia P.
This is THE place to go if you have an exotic animal.

I originally went here when I took in a sickly bearded dragon from a friend of a friend. She said this was the vet the beardie had seen before, so I brought her back here for her follow-up. I was blown away by how knowledgeable and caring the staff are about their reptile patients.

Thanks to that experience, I brought my hamster, Juno, here as well when we noticed a little lump on her. Dr. Gordon was able to not only diagnose the lump as cancerous, but surgically remove it and Juno did absolutely wonderfully post-surgery! Surgical procedures on small rodents are no small feat, and there is no doubt in my mind that this clinic saved my hamster's life and I am endlessly thankful.

Juno and I would give 6 stars if we could. If you have an exotic animal, look no further for an amazing vet team.
Tony Stewart Avatar
Tony S.
The best veterinary clinic in the world for my cat. My cat don’t even wanna go nowhere else. My cat loves going to the doctor.
Gail Nelson Avatar
Gail N.
Dr. GORDON is the BEST ever. My parrot is in good hands here!! Customer service is always excellent as well.
Kayla Harrison Avatar
Kayla H.
I've been looking for a place to have my rabbit spayed for a reasonable price for quite some time. This clinic had very fair prices and not only that, they were extremely friendly and took very good care of my little bun. They even called the day after surgery to check on her!
Trisha Maxwell Avatar
Trisha M.
I would HIGHLY recommend this places services. Firstly I called with concern of my dogs ears itching until the point where they were raw. They got me in within 2 hours. After arriving they assisted in getting my pit bull to the room with no hesitation. He was very excited and antsy. They brought treats out while talking to me so he would be calm and relaxed. They brought him to another room where they clipped his toe nails, did a full exam, cleaners, flushed ears, apply medication to ears. They applied a cone to his head and in no time we were leaving and my dog was already feeling better. I was so impressed with how they cared for my dog. I will definitely be going back! You also get a discount if you pay cash!